Settling in.

It’s 3:30pm and all of the windows are open. The sun is glowing through one of the skylights, dipping in and out from behind the clouds. I can hear Jacob’s truck slowly rolling out on the dirt road as he leaves to go hopefully catch us some flounder for dinner. Exhausted from playing in the yard all day, all three dogs are sleeping – Dani right next to me with her head on the corner of the laptop, Nemo curled up by my feet and Lola sprawled out on the floor. Occasionally, they’ll hear a bird call or one of the Navy jets and raise their heads before resuming their snooze.

We’re here; we made it.

Sitting down to write this might be one of the most relaxed moments I’ve had since we arrived. We’ve been going nonstop, but it feels as though we haven’t gotten much accomplished yet. As with all moves, new homes, etc. we have hit some speed bumps along the way. The dishwasher started flooding our kitchen after only being here a week. All power went out to the second floor and we still aren’t exactly sure why. “A quick trip into the city for errands” is actually an all-day event. The sun stays up so late and my sleep schedule is completely out of kilter. A lot of things that we need to order for the house are either out of stock completely or back-ordered due to Covid-19.

But slowly, we are starting to find our groove here. We make small adjustments, like forcing ourselves to go to bed at 10pm even though it’s still twilight. We have a long running list of Things to Get so that when we do make the trip south to the city, we get absolutely everything we think we may need. We found a great resource in our neighbor across the street, who has done everything from give us advice on riding mowers to bring us fresh eggs from his coop – side note, and yes I’m fully aware that my City is showing, did you know that chicken eggs come out covered in poo? I did not know this, but I know now after scrubbing them in the sink for 20 minutes. In the movies they always look like they come out clean and ready to eat; I feel tricked!

It’s only been two weeks so I know that we still have a lot to do and a lot to learn! But I am just so grateful to be here at all. I can’t even imagine how different our lives look from just three months ago. And I’m sure three months from now it will look even more different. I’m going to do another post on our design ideas for this house and keep sharing progress on that! But also looking forward to: a complete composting system for the backyard, being able to hopefully do my first hike in our new state soon, eating whatever fish Jacob brings home for dinner and just in general soaking up the sunshine and enjoying these beautiful days before we enter the dreaded “dark” season everyone has warned about!

It is so nice to love the sun again.

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