Saying goodbye.

Today I said goodbye to my job of 10 years and all of the family and friends that came with it. I closed the door for the last time to the first house that I ever owned by myself. Tomorrow, I’ll have one last dinner with my family before I won’t see them for quite … More Saying goodbye.

The new “normal”

It feels impossible to confront what’s been happening in a mere blog post, and yet I know the importance of remembering this time: the hardships overcome and the triumphs achieved. Even if right now it only feels like the opposite. Unless you’ve already been self-isolating, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Covid-19 pandemic that is sweeping … More The new “normal”

How to be sustainable in one easy step!

Just kidding. Really grabbed you with that title, right?! The truth is, living sustainably can be really difficult. Our culture is hyper focused on single-use items, convenience and quantity over quality, to the degree that for many of us, it’s completely ingrained in who we are. We typically don’t think twice about hopping in our … More How to be sustainable in one easy step!

Christmas in NYC

As I mentioned in my Simplifying Christmas post, this year we planned a pre-Christmas trip to New York City. Last year we really enjoyed visiting San Francisco during the holidays and wanted to make it a tradition! Originally NYC wasn’t really on my list, after all that is a long flight for such a short … More Christmas in NYC

Introducing: Lola Noel!

I am so excited to write this post and introduce the newest member of our family: Lola Noel. Mostly just called Lola, or any variety of ridiculous nicknames that she’s already been given: Sweet-n-Lola, Lola’s Chicken & Waffles (a spin-off of the restaurant here in Phoenix), Mamacita Lolita, etc. This sweet girl came to us … More Introducing: Lola Noel!

Simplifying Christmas

The holiday season is arguably one of the most stressful periods of the year. It has its delights, sure, but I’m willing to bet that most people have found themselves overwhelmed at the thought of: cooking, cleaning, decorating, splitting time between loved ones, shopping, crowded stores, financial strain, bad weather, increased traffic, tense family dynamics, … More Simplifying Christmas

Three things I’ve given myself permission to *stop* doing

As we are nearing the end of the year, I’ve been reflecting a lot on the changes I’ve made in my life. This year has been a pivotal time of soul-searching and learning who I am and who I want to be. While I understand that this may be ever-changing, I’m realizing that there are … More Three things I’ve given myself permission to *stop* doing